Greater Levels of Authority - Sergei Makarenko

We all walk in authority, yet not all of us walk in the same level of authority. One of the most important concepts to apprehend about our Father is that nothing is impossible. We live in this reality, but He who has been and always will be lives outside of time itself. When we pray with His heart in mind, we access that timeless zone and our prayers transcend time and space; the very fabric of reality. It is imperative that we pray from His heart and His perspective. When this occurs, heavenly beings receive assignment from our Father and carry out the decree with authority.

Stewarding Talent & Success, in Every Season - Sergei Makarenko

God will not ask of you more than you are capable. We are all given talents, some more than others. However it's not how much you have been given, it is what you do with what you have been given. God looks at the heart. If we steward what we have been given, He will reward us in relation to what we have done. Don't wait to shine! He has equipped us with everything we need for each season. You are an open heaven and He is faithful to provide for His children.