Prayer, A mighty Act That Shakes The Heavens


Prayer is not a shopping list nor is it ineffective ramblings. Prayer shifts reality and calls God into the situation allowing supernatural intervention.  Prayer is a powerful, mighty, macho, delicate and beautiful act that shakes the heavens and calls it to earth.

James 5:16

Matthew 6:8

10 Steps to See Successful Prayer

  • Decide what you want from God (Habakuk 2:2).
  • Locate scriptures that promise you what you want from God.
  • Get those firmly fixed in your heart.
  • Ask God for what you want and believe you receive when you pray.
  • Refuse to allow doubt and fear enter your consciousness.
  • See yourself succeed and not fail.
  • Give God continuous praise and thanksgiving.
  • Make every prayer a statement of faith instead of unbelief. 
  • Testify to what you believe.
  • Get on the giving end.