Sunday Morning - Steve and Wendy Backlund + Team

  • Our words are like a bit in a horses mouth and a rudder on a ship.
  • Celebrate progress not perfection.
  • Religion celebrates perfection, family celebrates progress.
  • Life Changing Beliefs:
    • There is always a solution (Cor 10:13) “With temptation will come the way of escape” once the brain believes there is a solution, is will find one.
    • I will thrive no matter what happens (Phil 4:13)
    • My past is always turned to good (Rom 8:28)
  • Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
  • Shift from doing into being. Dwell on His presence rather than on what you’ve been doing Let your success be defined as worshiping Him.
  • He will give you the desires of your heart, however He won’t allow your desires to violate your destiny. 

Saturday Night - Steve and Wendy Backlund + Team

  • 85% of what we worry about doesn’t come true.
  • Scientists noticed that when test subjects who were hooked up to sensors called themselves weak, their bodies and muscles prepared for weakness.
  • John 8:32 "the truth will set you free".
  • Wherever we don’t have great hope in our lives. We are believing a lie.
  • Our hopelessness about a problem is a bigger problem than the problem.
  • Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  • The greatest strongholds are not demonic/regional forces, they are in the minds of christians today.
  • The craziest prophetic words we hear that seem ridiculous are the ones we need to hear since they are what challenge our previous mindsets.